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A well designed and installed cabling system provides a cabling infrastructure that delivers predicable performance as well as has the flexibility to accommodate moves, additions and changes; maximizes system availability; provides redundancy; and future proofs the usability of the cabling system.  Read More...

Optical fiber is the technology of transmitting light down thin glass strands of highly transparent optic fibers. It is now being used as a replacement for copper network cables. With fiber, data rates can exceed 1GB/s and can rach 40GB/s Installing bulk fiber and terminating it professionally, along with testing it for optimal transmission is one of our specialties.

Office & Cubicles

The proper cables installation for offices and modular cubicles are an essential part of an IT Network Infrastructure. Premise cabling, if installed correctly per communications' industry codes and best standards, can save time, money and improve productivity; while an incorrect installation is bound to disruptions, failure and downtime. 

Structured Cable
Data center
wireless accss points
Fiber Optics
Office & Cubicles
Electrical Inspectors


In healthcare facilities, cabling is the backbone on which IT networks function. As much as 50 percent of healthcare network problems are related to an inadequate or underperforming cabling infrastructure. Careful and collaborative planning of the cabling infrastructure can not only save cost, but ensure that the network it supports will perform reliably for many years to come.  

Wireless Access Points

Wi-Fi (wireless) technology has improved greatly in recent years, but it’s not one-size-fits-all. Proper planning of network cabling and certification is the foundation of a Wi-Fi Network. To provide network integrators with the best chances of success, the cabling infrastructure must be available to support optimal installation and placement of wireless access point devices. 


Data Center Buildout

The data center is the core of your business network. It is the hub for all fiber connections and copper ethernet connections

The design of the data center is only as good as the cabling that runs through it. A proper data center cabling installation must allow for IT to be successful within the environment.  In structured cabling designs, there may be mulitple data centers, all based on the same elements.

Building Automation
Security Monitoring Screens

Surveillance & Access Control

A video surveillance system (cctv) and access control system keep your organization, people and assets safe. A robust properly installed cabled security and access control infrastructure is essential to maintaining and growing a safe and secure enterprise.  

Building Automation Cabling System

From the start, cleverly planning a Building Automation Systems (BAS) distribution cabling along with your voice, data, video, is practical to reduce both construction and operation costs. BAS industry modern growth drives the need for adequate cable installations that can support the unique power and data transfer demands.

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A suspected cabling problem must be identified and isolated before an appropriate solution can be applied. Each type of cabling system component, which means each type of cable, has it's own unique potential problem and each potential cable problem should be eliminated through a methodical diagnostics process.  

Network Cabe Fluke Certification
Firestop systems
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Fluke Networks Cable Certification

Field Testing is crucial to ensure the integrity and performance of telecommunications cabling systems. Testing, certifying copper and fiber cables with the Fluke Versiv DSX5000, presenting a detailed report of the measurable transmission performance parameters (or limits) is vital in today's industry.

Firestop System

Fire, smoke and toxic gasses destroy lives and property each year. Buildings are vulnerable to fire, may needlessly expose owners, builders and users to liability. While everyone should be concerned with life safety and property protection, building owners, designers, builders, and regulators are equally concerned with code compliance. So Cal Cable Networks is an expert with firestop methods applicable to new construction, renovation, and rehabilitation of any building. 

Voice/ POTS

Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), or voice analog lines are slowly being phased out, but you still see them in relation to legacy phone services, live voice, fax lines, and alarm lines. They are being replaced by ATA devices that provide POTS to end points. So Cal Cable Networks has over 25 years in this industry, installing and  troubleshooting dial-up connection topologies.  


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